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Gary had sent an email string regarding the jquery header. It's purpose is to rotate images in the header above. This is the test template that was being played with to try to get it to work.

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This page is a good example of current live site using left container static widgets and how the page should look in general for formatting of title, paragraph text, etc.


Table sample

Current cell padding is 10 and cell spacing is 10. Shows properly in editor, but does not carry over to live site. Live example would be http://orgcchildren.adventistnw.org/adventurer-awards.


Test Header
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As for widgets, it doesn't matter which ones we've tried (we've tried them all), they don't work in this container. Some of them work on the container at left (static widget for example currently on left side), but otherwise the remainder either don't work well or at all. Right now we have the Announcements, Sabbath Time and BibleInfo widgets setup to show in the container below.

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